Bold Imaginative & Innovative, Phillip Richie's unique sense of style set's his work apart from the rest.

Best known for his ability bring to life a photographic story though block & white photography, Phillip Ritchie's ability to foreplay light & shadow allows his images to tell a unique & captivating journey.

Currently Phillip is available for private commissions, mentorship, & commercial photography. His studio resides in beautify Costa Mesa, California.


Phillip Ritchie


For Phillip it is the love of what he creates, not who he has worked for or what he has been published in.

Presently Phillip photographic passions encompass a wide number of topics.

Phillip has two sides to him, whether it is the art of still life or erotic photography, his ability to see in his mind what he want with-in the lighting he tends to use, is what makes his work remarkably distinct.



Phillip now, looks forward to sharing his photographic stories with you through his own books, set to realize soon!



Although his list of achievements is long, his greatest achievements is his ability to create art every day and the models and clients he builds long-lasting relationships with.






Want to own a photographic story of your own but don't want to wait for Phillips book realize? Check out his Images for Print in his photographic library.