One-on-One Workshops

The technology of photography can be over whelming. However photography is not always about technology, it is about seeing and creating a feeling and a mood that other people can enjoy. This is what I will show you by working alongside you, helping you learn to see the art of photography in your chosen field, no matter the subject.

Classes are hands on, whether fine art, portrait, fashion or whatever the student’s interest are. My classes are about making you a better photographer and helping you achieve you goal in whatever your interest area is.

All classes are customized to you and built around what you want to specifically achieve and are set at your level of learning.


Still Life & Conceptual Photography: $1000 a day
Conceptual Photography (with model, non-nude): $1000 a day + $50 hr for model
Erotic Photography(with model): $1,700 + $125 hr for model

*Classes can be partnered subject to the type of photoshoot.

*Hair, Makeup or Wardrobe is available at additional  cost.


Learning with Phillip at His Studio in Orange County, California


Want to greatly accelerate your understanding of photography as an art and a science?

Want to create the best images of your life?

Want to have the knowledge you need to create a photograph that looks like that image in your head you always wanted to shoot?

Take Phillip Ritchie’s one-on-one workshop!

I had the pleasure of receiving Phillip’s one-on-one training and enjoyed it so much I took a second workshop. There is no question it was money very well spent. What Phillip’s expert training taught me would have taken years for me to learn on my own if ever.

Phillip taught me a process that gave me a better understanding of photography light and concept. I learned problem solving skills which help me every time I shoot.

Ever hear the expression “Those who can’t do, teach” ?

Well, don’t believe everything you hear. Upon examination of Phillip’s extensive portfolio, there is no question Mr. Ritchie can definitely “do.”

What makes Phillip Ritchie even more exceptional is he also teaches extremely well.


If you want a “Thinking Man’s” Photography Workshop, this is the place. There is so much truly useful information to be gained here.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn one-on-one from a true master of the craft and advance your photography to levels you were only able to dream before.

-Kirk Bouknight

Photo By Kirk Boulknight one-on-one workshop with Phillip



Testimonials & Student work 

Over a year ago I started studying photography  with Phillip Ritchie. I was lucky enough to be able to take one on one lessons from him. I was a beginner and needed to learn everything, 
Phillip was an amazing teacher. He is a visual photographer just like myself, so it was a perfect match, because I didn't have to learn all the technical terms and numbers that you would need to learn in school - but would never need in real life.
Instead, he focused on composition, lighting and directing models to create beautiful, powerful images and thought provoking concepts.
he also imparted his passion for photography, his adeptness at working with a range of diverse models, and his mastery at story telling through imagery.
  He's a real deal!!! I'm not sure how to word this better, but maybe, The value I get from working with Phillip extends far beyond the cost.

Photo below by Zolt Romps during one-on-one workshop with Phillip



Photo Below by Elise Grindle During a One-on-One Workshop. 




I really felt compelled to leave Phillip Ritchie not only the highest of compliments when it comes to his artistry, but also as a teacher. There is no way that I would be the photographer I am today if not for his direction. He has now become an amazing friend that continues to inspire me with his work.

Any photographer wanting to step into the pro arena really needs to contact him.

Thank you Phillip for helping me to get to where I am.