Phillip Ritchie’s focus is the world of photography; primarily black and white. The lack of color and the tonality of the image is what creates the mood that he is known for. His use of shadows and the foreplay of light is what makes him stand out in his style of photography.

Phillip has been published in various magazines, both international and abroad. He has been featured in galleries and books, and now looks forward to sharing his work and stories with you in his own books.

He also loves sharing his intuitive style with clients that wish to have their own coffee table books and art prints, whether they are models or not. He loves working with real people and helping them go on their journey, and offers his service to private clients.

For Phillip it is the love of what he creates, not who he has worked for or what he has been published in. Although his list of achievements is long, his greatest achievements is his ability to create art every day and the models and clients he builds long-lasting relationships with.

His current interest are in erotica and the natural beauty of a women and her essence. He also love storytelling, whether in one image or in multiple images. He enjoys that journey and love to take his model and the viewer with him,

Hence his movement into photographic books which will be available in a series.