Phillip Ritchie 

Fine Art Photographer


Phillip Ritchie is a well-known photographer for his unique style of black-and-white erotic photography. His self-taught use of light and shadow, along with an art-focused view of the human form, has made his work popular in the world of fine-art photography.

Phillip's journey in photography began about 22 years ago. However, his innate life-long passion for art propelled him into success at a very young age in other artistic fields. His appreciation and understanding of form, lines, and concepts are what eventually brought his gifts into the art of photography.

Phillip's passion for art comes from his deeply creative mind and desire to invoke feeling in others. He takes pride that he accomplishes this by using in-camera effects and minimal editing. The final photos that you see are very raw. Including images that may look like they must have been digitally created to achieve the outcome, are not. Phillip's work is truly an inspiration for in-camera photography techniques. 

Phillip is still creating new work every day, now with a recently developed interest in still-life photography. New photos will rotate in and out of the galleries regularly, so check back often!