The Sofa Book Phillip RitchieA Journey in Erotica though erotic black & white photography and short stories.

The Sofa Book -Special Edition $150


The Sofa Book- Special Edition, is a limited production run of Phillip Ritchie's first book.  This special edition was designed to celebrate Phillips's 80th birthday and was created from Phillips artist proof. This unique edition contains extra pages, add photos, and other exclusive content only available in this limited run.  Each book will be signed by Phillip Ritchie himself, making each book unique and rare.


Purchasing Notes:

To purchase "The Sofa Book-Special Edition" Please contact Phillip directly at [email protected] or call 949.642.3274 

*Book purchase/payment is only available via Paypal
Please include your name, number, address, and Paypal name in your email to make the purchase process easier.

*Shipping available both Nationally & Internationally 
US Shipping flat rate $20, International Shipping Price varies based on country.


Prints are available for each picture in The Sofa Book, contact Phillip direct for sizes and pricing.