Fine Art Photography and Mentorships


Learning with Phillip at his Studio in Orange County, California



One-on-One Workshops

It will be table top still life

Plus erotic nude concepts






"There is no question it was money very well spent. What Phillip’s expert training taught me would have taken years for me to learn on my own if ever. Phillip taught me a process that gave me a better understanding of photography light and concept. I learned problem solving skills which help me every time I shoot."

-Kirk Boulknight

Photo By Kirk Boulknight one-on-one workshop with Phillip



"Phillip was an amazing teacher. He is a visual photographer just like myself, he focused on composition, lighting and directing models to create beautiful, powerful images and thought provoking concepts. The value I get from working with Phillip extends far beyond the cost."
-Zolt Romps

Photo below by Zolt Romps during one-on-one workshop with Phillip



"I really felt compelled to leave Phillip Ritchie not only the highest of compliments when it comes to his artistry, but also as a teacher. There is no way that I would be the photographer I am today if not for his direction. Any photographer wanting to step into the pro arena really needs to contact him."

-Elise Grindle

Photo Below by Elise Grindle During a One-on-One Workshop.